Hostage situation in Fogoma’iu village vicinity

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) is responding to confirmed reports of several hostages being held by armed criminals in Fogoma’iu village, located at the border of the Southern Highlands and Hela provinces, near Western province.

Deputy Police Commissioner Dr. Philip Mitna stated that among the group being held are foreign citizens, academics, and several local guides.

He confirmed that the relevant High Commissions have been contacted and are being kept informed as the situation unfolds.

According to Mitna, the armed criminals are believed to be from Komo in the Hela province and took the victims hostage after encountering them on their return from Kamusie.

Initial demands made by the criminals included a demand for cash, and negotiations are currently being conducted through an intermediary.

The RPNGC is treating the matter as a serious incident and is working to ensure the safe release of the hostages, with the support of local villagers and authorities who are working around the clock.

Deputy Commissioner Mitna has given assurances that the situation is being handled with the utmost urgency and that all necessary resources are being deployed to resolve the matter as safely and efficiently as possible.

Loop Author