Hostage saved in foiled robbery

Two suspects have been apprehended, a hostage saved and a stolen motor vehicle recovered by Lae police in a foiled armed robbery that took place today.

Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, reported that between four to five men held up a driver and took his vehicle.

“The owner of the vehicle was threatened and forcefully escorted to a secluded area at the back of Peter Block Kamkumung,” stated the chief superintendent.

“The criminals were planning to hold the vehicle owner as hostage while they use his vehicle to commit robbery at a nearby shop.”

The metropolitan superintendent said they were advised by members of the public who saw the driver of the vehicle being forcefully escorted by members of the gang through a garden and then onto a trail.

“As this looked very suspicious, people started calling the Police Emergency Toll Free number to report.

“Mobile Squad 13 Alpha and Police Foot Beat unit went to the area and received additional information, where the Mobile Squad 13 members went on foot and caught the gang holding the victim hostage.

“Two gang members were captured; one of them was shot in the leg when trying to escape. Another two managed to get away.”

The victim/hostage was rescued, where he identified those that were apprehended to be the ones that had held him up.

“This is a warning to criminal elements and trouble makers, people now have access to Police through our Police Emergency Toll Free number,” said Wagambie Jnr.

“You will not get far as the good law abiding citizens of Lae are working with Police.

“Sapos yu laik kamap raskol o wokim bikhet pasin yu mas lukaut! Pablik gat wei lo kontektim polis nau –7090 3300.”

(One of the suspects being apprehended while in the background is the victim who was kept hostage)

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