Hospital CEO brushes aside election rumours

The CEO of the Southern Highlands Provincial Health Authority, has brushed aside rumours that the Hospital management was involved in funding a candidate in the recent 2017 elections.

“In my position and in this business of health, there’s no money that we can play around with,” Dr Joseph Birisi said.

“Our budget is tight; we are not a profit making entity.”

He urged those spreading false rumours to stop.

“Many of us sacrifice our time to bring this health service to this state,” Dr Birisi said.

“There must be some appreciation shown; don’t ruin our reputation.”

He urged the people of Mendi and Southern Highlands to appreciate the specialised doctors from the coastal regions, including the Solomon Islands, who have chosen to work in the area.

“To bring people like doctors and skilled people into the province is not an easy effort, it needs resources,” stressed Dr Birisi.

On Monday, Dr Birisi confirmed that the doctors who had been evacuated two weeks ago after the chaos in the township were now being directed to head back.

This comes after shops and the banking service were back in operation.

“Assessing the current situation, we see that there is no more security threat. I have made that decision with my management team to recall the doctors,” said Dr Birisi.

Meredith Kuusa