Homebrew producers beware!

Police in the nation’s capital are now cracking down on the production and sale of homebrew.

The NCD Task Force will be carrying out numerous raids at identified homebrew hot spots in settlements as well as obscure residential areas.

Task Force Commander, Mark Mosinakave, says his personnel will be out in full force to deal with the issue of homebrew on the community level by taking out the root cause of the issue, the suppliers.

“This issue of homebrew has long been ignored but not anymore. The Task Force is here to make a difference and effectively deal with this illegal activity.”

The Task Force aims to carry out effective and efficient policing methods to directly deal with law and order issues faced in the city.

Mosinakave says the issue of homebrew is really bad as it acts as a catalyst for many other law and order issues in the community.

Julianna Waeda