Hitting the road to avoid high airfares

A family of five started their journey home by road to Milne Bay Province today from Port Moresby.

The father, Julias Maputuna, from Goodenough Island, is taking his family home for the first time for Christmas after living in Moresby for 17 years.

Their journey started this morning at Boroko where they got on a PMV to Kupiano in Central Province.

From Kupiano, they will travel by dinghy to Mailu Island in Central, which is about 121km from Alotau Town.

They plan to spend a night on the island before heading out to Five Bay in Suau, MBP, by dinghy.

Maputuna and his family will spend Christmas Eve on the road when they travel for about four hours from Five Bay to Alotau on a PMV.

The 36-year-old father of three told Loop PNG that they expect to arrive in Alotau on Christmas Day.

They will spend Christmas in Alotau with family then travel to Goodenough to welcome the New Year on the island.

Maputuna explained that with the high airfares, he couldn’t afford to take his family home by plane.

Quintina Naime