Highlands Highway to be reopened

The Highlands Highway is expected to be reopened today.


Families of the two slain police officers killed during the elections have agreed to remove roadblocks and to pursue their grievances through proper channels. 

This follows a meeting with senior police officers from the province. 

Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, in a statement commended the relatives of late police officers for their understanding and applauded the police for their successful intervention. 

“I am pleased that my PPC Jiwaka and PPC Simbu have committed to assist the relatives pursue their demands through the existing inter-provincial peace and good order committee whilst appealing to them to be reasonable to open up the road. 

“According to my PPCs, the immediate relatives blocked the highway because of lack of immediate investigation by police into the killings of two policemen in line of duty and no official word of condolences and response in reply to their demands issued six weeks ago to Don Polye, Alfred Manase, Governor Peter Ipatas, the Enga Provincial Administration and the PNG Electoral Commission. 

“Let me assure the relatives of the two policemen who were killed that we are investigating their deaths and will bring to justice those responsible, whether directly or indirectly.

“A team of investigators from Police Headquarters are now in Mt Hagen to travel to Wabag to investigate the killing of my policemen. I will ensure that they are given all the resources needed to complete this investigation and make arrests.” 

Baki reiterated in his statement that the constabulary did not pay compensation for members killed in line of duty. 

However, they will accord the deceased the respect the constabulary customarily confers upon officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

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Cedric Patjole