High-level security workshop to be hosted

A high-level border security workshop will be convened in the coming weeks.

This is to cover one of the important elements to APEC Security, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

"Under the Joint Security Task Force, a Border Security Workshop will convene that will bring together relevant Government agencies to assess concerns and gaps, and set the way forward, not only for APEC but the longer-term border security of the nation,” the Prime Minister said.

"We have ongoing border security concerns that are being addressed, and we must increase the pace of these activities.

“Part of this includes enhancing the integrated processing of passenger information that is essential for the next step in facilitating the movement of passengers through our airports.

“But we also need better eyes on people who enter our sovereign waters or seek to cross our land border.

“We already have very close working relationships with our immediate neighbours, Australia, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands, and we will increase this cooperation.”

The PM says we must also strengthen our geospatial surveillance capacity to enhance border security. This is so we can detect and deal with threats to national and economic security.

The Border Security Workshop will include Customs, Immigration, Fisheries, Police, Defence, Justice, Foreign Affairs, and very importantly, the APEC PNG 2018 Joint Security Task Force.

O’Neill says the hosting of APEC provides an important opportunity to enhance security, but all reforms put in place ahead of APEC will have long-lasting impacts for decades to come.

“APEC is of high significance for our nation, and at the same time any reform that we deliver for APEC must last beyond November 2018 when we host APEC Leaders.

“These reforms will not only keep leaders and delegates safe during APEC, but will help ensure longer term security for Papua New Guinea.”

The Prime Minister has extended gratitude to members of the Committee on Safety and Security that comprises State agencies, under the leadership of the PNGDF and the RPNGC, for its hard work and determination, in laying the foundations for the success of APEC Papua New Guinea 2018.

(Picture: Pixabay)

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