Hetinu gives evidence

Terence Hetinu presented evidence at a trial hearing this morning at the Waigani National Court.

Hetinu, former NCD Election Manager in the 2017 National General Election (NGE), was committed to stand trial to answer to allegations of accepting a bribe valued at K184, 300, from a particular candidate during the 2017 NGE in NCD.

When giving evidence today, he revealed that the money found in his car by Police, was to pay for food rations and allowance for polling officials in the three electorates, who did not have bank accounts.

“In any election, it is normal that we carry cash to offset any unexpected costs that arises. All Election Managers are entitled to cash advances from K500, 000 to K600, 000.

“This is normal practice,” Hetinu added.

Police alleged that apart from the money, MOU documents were also found in Hetinu’s car stating that he would be awarded with a security contract from the National Capital District Commission (NCDC), if he helped that certain candidate win the Governor’s seat.

Hetinu revealed that the signature on the MOU “looked like his”. He said he grabbed a couple of papers from his desk on his way out to visit polling venues but did not clearly state if the MOU document was part of these papers.

Witnesses, including former Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato and 2017 NCD Regional seat candidate Michael Kandiu, are expected to also give evidence.

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