Here to serve, force reminded

We are here to serve and not be served.

This was the reminder issued to all police personnel by acting NCD-Central Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

“There been so much mud-slinging at Police in recent times,” he stated.

“I want to remind all members of the Constabulary that we are members of a Royal institution.

“We have sworn an oath to protect and preserve justice for our people.

“We come from a proud and colourful history. Our forefathers, the original jumper and zulu brought services into the most rural places of this country. They stood side by side and fought off the enemies in both World War I and World War II. Our Police Force has ensured the freedom and gradual development of our country to where it is today.

“We are more than 100 years old.

“I know there are many internal issues which need attention. Our welfare continues to be something which is a hindrance. Lack of housing, rundown police facilities, logistical shortage and so forth, but we have and we will continue to overcome this if we have the heart. We have always had big hearts. As those of us in the operational front say, ‘we are Jacks of all trades’ and we make it happen.

“We have to, with all we can, win back the lost trust and confidence from the public we serve.

“Let's bring back the glory days when we were respected and trusted.

“We are living in a fast changing technological world. Everything that we do will be monitored by the public, whether it is

 positive or negative. These are the same challenges faced by Police all over the world. We must be mindful of our conduct when carrying out our duties.

“Policing is not an easy task. We deal with human beings. Attitude of those we deal with will always be a challenge to us. However, let us exercise restraint and professionalism.

“For the NCD /Central Command, I am still familiarising and working my way through with the Metropolitan Superintendent, PPC Central, officers and non-commissioned officers. Once I am settled, we will approach this as a team.

“We are looking at providing a much more effective police and disciplined police service.

“We had a planning meeting where Chief Superintendent Dr Philip Mitna and Chief Inspector Steven Francis from Police HQ joined us to assist in drawing up a plan on exactly how we should go about this.

“My challenge to every police personnel is, what can we do today to create a Police Force that will serve us well when we exit? Being in uniform is only one chapter of our life. We will eventually leave the force to carry on another chapter in life.

“How do we want the Police Force to serve us when we are outside? All members, we have the opportunity now to make a change. Let's create a Police culture that will be passed on to those after us who will serve us well when we are civilians.

“All members, keep your head high and have pride in the uniform you wear. Being a Police officer is a noble profession.

“I ask for your dedication and commitment.

“There are so many good deeds which we have done that go unnoticed. Let's keep on striving to make our Constabulary the best. As long as we start first, assistance will come. Let us not be the cart before the horse but be the horse before the cart.

“We have an important role in nation building. Do it for yourself, do it for your children, do it for your family and do it for our country.

“I call on all police personnel to make a change for the better. Together we will change the image of our Constabulary.

“God Bless you all.”

(Police file picture)

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