Hela security threats affect relief efforts

The deteriorating security situation in Hela, especially in Tari, may have a serious effect on the continued relief efforts in the province.

The Emergency Control team has released a statement noting that the security situation which has put lives of relief workers, public servants and the general public in danger might just have a negative impact on the relief efforts.

Under the above circumstances, it is essential that the security situation be immediately brought under control. 

Emergency controller Dr. William Hamblin, in accordance with his duties under section 4 of the Emergency (General Powers) Act 2018, and powers conferred on him under Section 5 of the Act, has authorised that;

  • The PNGDF to mobilise appropriate forces to immediately bring the security situation in Tari and surrounding areas under control using all reasonable force
  • For the PNGDF, acting in concert with the RPNGC, to arrest any person carrying an offensive weapon and/or gathering in groups likely to cause affray. These offenders are to be despatched by armed escort to Mount Hagen where they are to be charged and held pending prosecution
  • For the PNGDF to maintain a sufficient presence in the area to ensure there are no further outbreaks of criminal violence; and,
  • For the PNGDF and RPNGC to install roadblocks as necessary to prevent the return and/or transport of persons within the affected area who are suspected of participating in violent activities

The PNGDF and RPNGC are requested to report progress on this intervention in a timely manner.

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Imelda Wavik