Hela people call on Dion to visit province

The people of Hela are blaming the Deputy Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion for not facilitating the leadership vacuum after the death of the late Governor Anderson Agiru.

They said this has led to the recent call-out by the government.

Hela Gimbu Association Inc chairman Damien Arabagali said Sir Leo as the Minister responsible must take the lead and visit the new province.

“Why is the Deputy Prime Minister not visiting the province? We are calling on him to visit the new province and experience what life is in the province rather than staying in Port Moresby.

“If he doesn’t visit the province, he must resign and let others take over from him,” says Arabagali.

The Government has budgeted K11 million for the call-out in Hela Province.

The official launching of the Hela call-out security operation took place on Monday in Tari town.

The key message in the call-out is of surrendering illegal firearms whilst working together with security forces to restore law and order, and retaining peace in the province.

Those that are in possession of illegal firearms are encouraged to surrender their weapons to the security personnel on operation during the amnesty period as there will be no arrests and charges laid against them.

After Feb 28, those that are still in possession of illegal firearms will face the enforcement of the firearms act.

Meanwhile, Arabagali thanked the government for this call-out as it will prepare the province for the upcoming elections.

Freddy Mou