Hela operations kick off

The security operations proper for Hela province will kick off this week, Acting Commissioner of Police (ACP) Raphael Huafolo says.

Huafolo, who was in the province last Monday to launch the security operation, states he is satisfied with the progress of the call-out operation.

A total of 130 police and PNG Defence Force personnel are currently in Hela.

The Acting Commissioner is content with preparations being undertaken and the necessary support to boost the security operation aimed at restoring law and order in the resource rich province. 

He says despite some hiccups, the troops have been paid their first seven days’ allowance while the next seven days is being prepared.

An operation order was in place but is being revised to meet the funding arrangements and the expectations of the government.

Huafolo also confirmed two killing incidents which occurred in Tari and Koroba last week. He said nine suspects were arrested over the Tari murder whilst three suspects over the Koroba murder were caught by the people in Koroba and handed over to police.

He commended the action of the community leaders and urged them maintain close ties with the security forces to restore law and order and preserve peace in the province.

“Law and order is not police business. Everybody has an equal if not a shared responsibility when it comes to law and order. 

“The onus is on everyone to play their part in ensuring a safe and secure society,” Acting Commissioner Huafolo said.

Last week was the mobilisation period while the actual security operation kicks off this week.

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