Hela leaders urged to support call-out

Leaders in Hela Province have been called on to support and work together with the security call-out operation to eradicate all unlicensed firearms in the province.

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari urges the leaders at all levels to help the security operation in order to restore law and order in Hela.

The general law and order in the province has declined dramatically with continuous tribal fights involving high-powered weapons.

Lupari made the call following the deployment of 300 security personnel from the defence force and police to carry out the three-month security operation.

Lupari said the Government will provide all the support the operation deserves and it is now up to the leaders and people of Hela to do their part in helping the Government restore law and order.

He urged the leaders to get people to surrender the firearms to the security force.

Lupari highlighted that the success of the operation depends largely on the cooperation and support of Hela leaders and the people.

The call-out was approved by the Government based on the Security Risk Assessment Report from the Police Commissioner.

The report identified Hela as high risk due to heavy presence of unlicensed firearms.

Quintina Naime