Hela leaders committed to serve people

The four elected members of Hela Province have pledged to work together and see Hela through to the next level of development.

In a joined media conference today, Governor Philip Undialu, Tari Pori MP James Marape, Koroba Kopiago MP Manasseh Makiba and Komo Margarima MP Petrus Thomas, have committed to serving their people and nothing else.

Leading the young province, Governor Undialu called on all the leaders in the province to set aside personnel differences and work together for the good of Hela.

He said Hela has not been achieving any tangible service delivery since becoming a province because of the infighting among political leaders.

Governor Undialu said the key priority is focusing on the benefit sharing from the PNG LNG Project.

He said shipments have been made but to date, landowners have not benefited from the revenue.

Meantime, Tari Pori MP James Marape said K230 million belonging to the landowners is parked in the Trust account at the Central Bank because of clan vetting issues.

He also asked landowners to set aside their differences so that they can access their royalties.

The four leaders said they would look at reviewing the landowners’ chairmanship position which will be change in every three years.

Freddy Mou