Hela focuses on restoration, relief

Hela Province’s main focus is on restoration of services and assistance with humanitarian relief for the people.

Governor Philip Undialu said according to information they have received so far, most of the powerlines, roads, health and education infrastructure have all crumbled during the quake.

One of the most seriously affected areas is the LNG site and the facilities, which are currently on a temporary shutdown.

Undialu says he is looking forward to hearing from ExxonMobil on the way forward from their assessments of the damages caused on the site.

Governor Undialu is now appealing to the people of Hela and Southern Highlands to remain calm and assist the government team in whatever way possible.

“We need cooperation from everyone for essential services to be restored immediately,” stated the governor.

A technical team is expected to arrive in the province today along with leaders of the affected provinces.

A magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred at 03:44 am on Monday (26 February) in the Southern Highlands region, about 30km South of Tari and about 40km North-West of Lake Kutubu.

Annette Kora