Health Dept. Plans to Increase Workforce

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Jelta Wong announced that the Health Department will be rolling out a 10-year National Health Plan in the coming months to double the country’s workforce in the health sector.

The Minister also announced that a Medical Registration Bill would be captured through this plan. This bill will allow students graduating from the Divine Ward University to be eligible to work within the country.

The Minister also announced that a 10 year National Health Plan would be launched in the coming months.

Minister Wong made these statements in response to questions posed by Member for Pomio Open, Elias Kapavore regarding the Department’s plans.

Minister Kapavore asked about the:

  1. Department’s plan to capture the increasing number of health workers who graduate annually
  2. Government’s position on the request for the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences to become a standalone entity
  3. Launch of the National Health Plan

Minister for Health Jelta Wong responded by saying, he will provide detailed answers to the questions in a statement next week Tuesday.

Marysilla Kellerton