Health centre needs maternity ward

Once a week, at least two to three mothers who are in labour turn up at the Wampar Health Centre in Morobe Province for assistance.

However, health centre in the Huon Gulf district does not have a maternity ward. And when mothers seek assistance there, they have to be rushed down to the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital, which is more than 40 minutes away.

Senior Community Health Worker, John Titus, described their situation as “a big problem”.

“Mipla laikim olsem i mas gat wanpla leiba wod in place lo hia lo helt senta. Normally ol madas kam, mipla sa salim ol i go but those husat ol i nonap mekim nau ol i sa kam… accidentally, you have to deliver them in here.”

The Community Health Worker further highlighted the lack of facilities and equipment to deal with accidents and emergencies. This includes the need for an ambulance.

“Emergency kam mipla attend lo ol, to refer them, we have no vehicle now to refer them. So em wanpla kain problem we are facing now.”

Facilities in place at the health centre include a COVID-19 containerised health clinic, TB DOTS building, a Friends clinic and general outpatient.

The need for a labour ward was brought to the fore when Wampar women protested the brutal rape and killing of a Gabsongkeg woman in August, where they called for a NADZAB police station and proper health facilities.

Carmella Gware