HDI Producing Self-reliant MSME

After 25 years of developing grassroots skills in self-reliance, Human Development Institute under Papa Sam has achieved milestones in helping ordinary Papua New Guineans achieve economic independence.

On 16th September 2021, 46 years after gaining political Independence, the small people continue to struggle for economic independence to produce a country where no one gets left behind.

According to the Director of the HDI, Sam Tan, commonly known as Papa Sam, Papua New Guinea got Independence for 46 years, but not economic independence.

He said so many people are still struggling to put food on the table, there is still a lot of unemployment and many law and order issues, which shows that the economy is still weak.

HDI located at 6-Mile in Port Moresby, trains and qualifies small to medium entrepreneurs with the vision of making them to become business owners.

On this Independence Day, as the institute celebrates 25 years of existence and progress, Director Tan graduated students who have successfully completed their different levels of economic targets in their training. With the target to complete seven levels, most of the students are at level four, but one student has reached level seven.  

“My role is to develop men and women to become commercial entrepreneurs to start businesses and develop the nation using their own resources such as the forest, marine resources many other resources that are there but you are not using them,” Mr Tan added.

He said: “It is one of the milestone achieved under this institute and that is to see more people progressing from level one towards level 7 which is the final stage where one is considered to be a successful entrepreneur.

Notable achievement on this occasion was the awarding of the price for selected families who were given a small capital to make it grow by selling items to make a profit and then saving the surplus to a certain level amount.

The competition, which began in July and concluded this week for the winners to be announced on Independence Day yesterday.

Twenty-two families were registered with 129 individuals who were given a K10 startup capital to start their business. A total of K1290 was distributed to the individuals who did sales and rolled their savings to reach an amount under one of the four categories.

Within the eight weeks the registered praxis were able to make K62,640 in total sales. Total purchase was K40,461 goods to sell so the gross profit was K28,178 making a gross profit of 41 percent.

Price moneys were presented to the winners of the two sets of prices under four categories of entrepreneurs, i.e under 10 year old, under 18 years, adults and the family. The Mama Bank had sponsored the prize   

The Under 10 category price went to eight-year-old Alexis Paskalis Zarriga. She saved K800 at the Women’s Microbank while 12-year-old Dreiden Vuia was the winner for the under 18. Dreiden had saved K2100 also at the WMB.

Under adult category, Ruby Zarriga saved K2460 to get the winners price, and in addition, the Zarriga family was the winner for the family category.  

The winners received cash double their savings in their Mama Bank passbook accounts.  

“The idea behind the school is you save your money and then the children can decide whether you want to go and get a working class education to look for a paid, an economic education or you come to HDI and get a business education,” added Papa Sam.

Frieda Kana