Growing fear of police

Community members of Gerehu stage 6 in Port Moresby, where a young man was brutally killed on Sunday evening, are appealing to the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner to ensure justice prevails.

The community is mourning their loss, saying the young man was not a trouble-maker, nor did he engage in criminal activities.

One mother from Bitapaka Street, said they now live in fear of the police, whom the community alleges were behind the shooting.

She said parents are afraid to send their children to do errands because it is not safe anymore.

Another female resident, who was travelling home on a PMV, said police pointed guns at her and her daughters while ordering the PMV bus driver to turn off the bus lights.

She said when they got off the bus, the police officer made a remark in Tok Pisin, about police having killed a pig, and that they could go see it.

Other residents said police have been issuing threats to them, telling them to prepare themselves for ‘haus krais’.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou said investigations to establish the facts of the killing have started.

He also said while relatives and friends of the deceased have their side of the story, police will also get to the bottom of it.