Grieving Parents Want Answers

A 14-year-old boy is dead over what has been termed as “negligence” by the anesthetic team from the operating theatre at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Seven days after the unexplained death of their son, the parents of late Rex Wanzing, Raela Mary Wanzing and Ben Wanzing want answers from the responsible authorities.

“We have been going back and forth to the hospital since Monday to get his death certificate, but we have been told that the Hospital is still doing its own investigations,” said Mr Wanzing.

“He was a healthy boy walking into the theatre but he came out like this. He was never sick at all.”

According to the mother, late Rex was diagnosed with a corneal disease, which required eye surgery.  

An energetic Rex went into the operating theatre on Thursday 12th of August at 12:15 pm but was pushed out fighting for his life. He succumbed to his death at 5am, the next day.  

“It was inside the theater that he experienced complications with the anesthetic drug that they gave him,” said his father.  

Rex’s mother said she had suspected that he was not doing well after the surgery.

“After the anesthetic, the doctor told us that his lungs collapsed during the operation. He said during the operation, he opened his eyes and was shocked.”

The family wants the hospital to have checks and balance before conducting surgeries.

“The hospital is also conducting its own investigations, because it was not just him, there were another three patients.

 Last Thursday they went in for surgery, all four of them did not make it. Last Friday, they had to shut down the theatre and the pharmacy that is supplying the drugs to the theater,” added Mr Wanzing.

Looppng contacted Dr. Paki Molumi CEO of Port Moresby General Hospital, however referred us to Dr. Osborn Liko, the Health Secretary.  

Dr. Liko is yet to respond to our questions.

Jemimah Sukbat