Great job by low risk prisoners

Low risk prisoners are doing a great job in keeping Lae city clean.

Under the Lae City Authority-Buimo CIS Rehabilitation Program, inmates are engaged to clean up and beautify the city.

On Monday (July 13) morning, low risk inmates from the Buimo CS facility in Lae were in their working gear, cleaning up the Eriku Roundabout and Lae Show Roundabout - Bumbu Road areas.

The Lae MP noted good progress under the Lae City Authority-Buimo CIS Rehabilitation Program.

The programme was launched earlier this year with LCA CEO Neil Ellery, Chairman James Khay and Lae MP John Rosso handing over equipment, tools and a dump truck to Buimo CIS. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme was halted, but has now resumed.

The Lae MP says under its prison rehabilitation program, a small portion of payment by LCA to Buimo CIS will be paid to participating low risk prisoners to assist them get back on their feet when they complete their sentences and re-enter the community. That is to try to prevent discharged inmates from reoffending.

Meantime, the Lae City Authority has reopened the Lae Top Town public toilet facility, which was not operational for the last four years.

The refurbishment work on the facility, plus the kiosk set ups next to it, were carried out under the leadership of former Lae MP Loujaya Kouza. The project was incomplete until the LCA took over.

(Picture: Lae Open MP Facebook page)

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