Grand chief’s final words

I’m leaving with good memories of the country, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare says.

“Who would have thought, in 1968, that my journey into the world of politics will take this long and this far?

“I have been blessed with a long life and over the years, seen this country progress from a colony.

“I will go, but if need arises, I will still speak on important issues for the betterment of PNG,” he said.

He thanked the country for the support and farewell in particular.

He also thanked the Motu-Koitabu people for giving their land, years back, to make it Port Moresby’s national capital.

His parting wish is for PNG to continue to develop and prosper, using our wealth and resources to achieve this.

“Government must, increasingly, empower the population so that they have dignity, confidence and clarity on our future. Have open discussions on where we want our country to be.

“Importantly, provinces should have power to generate their own revenue,” he said.

“I want next parliament and public service to ensure that they do the right thing to keep PNG together as a great nation.”

Gloria Bauai