Gr 2 student allegedly missing

A Grade Two student at the Hohola Demonstration Elementary School has allegedly been missing since Tuesday 17th of April.

Rihanna Kawage was last seen getting into a vehicle after school.

This information had been posted online with pictures of the elementary student and the registration number of the vehicle that allegedly picked her up.

The online post was put up on Wednesday with the vehicle registration number, claiming Kawage had been pushed into the vehicle, as if forcefully.

This newsroom was at the elementary school yesterday morning and confirmed with both the head and class teachers that the girl had not been to school for two days.

Head teacher Iia Ako said although they are not certain, they believe that this incident could be a family affair; a dispute among the family that could have led to this supposed kidnapping.

She pointed out that such an incident had occurred before.

Ako said the girl’s mother had gone to school telling them she was missing, where they advised her to go to the police to file a report.

Police at the Hohola station said they do not have a report on a missing person however, someone had gone to the station on Tuesday to try to lay a complaint.

(The picture of the girl who is allegedly missing)

Imelda Wavik