Govt yet to get details on landslide

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari says they have not received information on the recent Highlands Highway landslide.

Speaking to Loop PNG during the deployment of joint security personnel, he said the Government has not received news or information on the landslide occurring over the weekend at Guo outside of Kundiawa, in Chimbu Province. Once they do, they will act accordingly.

The landslide at Guo, which is five minutes from Kundiawa Town, Chimbu, completely shut off the highway yesterday (Saturday) after continuous rain.

The landslip has cut off part of the Kundiawa and Gembogl District and Kerowaghi in Chimbu Province, and the whole of Jiwaka, Western Highlands, Southern Highlands, Hela and Enga provinces.

The incident also blocked off commuters and travelers from Morobe Province, Madang and Eastern Highlands.

Police personnel, from Kundiawa and the Mobile Squad 08 from Kerowaghi, are on the ground to monitor the situation.

A similar landslide occurred in the area in February last year. It resulted in the death of a mother and her infant daughter as well as a young girl.

The Highlands Highway, a key road network in the country, has been affected by landslides and has cost the state millions of kina in repair and maintenance.

Cedric Patjole