Govt urged to invest more in tertiary institutions

The Government has been urged to invest more in tertiary institutions.

Opposition Leader Don Polye called on the Government to focus on upgrading the universities as they educate the human resource of the country.

Polye highlighted that more funding should also be given to the technical and vocational schools as they develop the skills of Papua New Guineans.

The business, nursing and teachers colleges must also be given priority.

Polye explained that when these areas are overlooked and not properly funded, it becomes a chronic problem.

“It’s very doubtful to think that this country will become smart, wealthy and wise in line with the Vision 2050 if this is not prioritised.

“We have to get fundamental issues correct to arrive at that mission,” he said.

Polye stressed that up to now the government is yet to provide funding for recovery cost for all universities,” he said.

NEC made the decision to provide K63m funding last year as the total recovery cost for all universities following boycott and protest.

Polye added that if human development is not a priority for this government then what does this government stand for.

He said human capital investment is very important however the government continues to overlook this and it is very discouraging.

Polye called on the government to rethink this again and give this area priority in the Supplementary Budget.

Quintina Naime