Govt is intact: Duma

As the country anticipates the looming potential Vote of No Confidence, a senior Minister says the Government is intact.

Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments, William Duma, says the current Government remains confident they will survive a Vote of No Confidence.

“The Government is intact and we have the numbers. The Prime Minister enjoys the support of the majority of the numbers,” Duma stated.

“But the Vote of No Confidence is a right for anyone. If they feel that the Government is not performing to expectations they have a right to push for that but at the end of the day, it depends on numbers, and we in the Government remain confident that we have the numbers to survive a Vote of No Confidence.”

Duma is not the first minister to voice his support.

For the past two weeks, Minister for National Planning & Monitoring and Yangoru-Saussia MP, Richard Maru, queried the Opposition’s planned VONC, saying: “As far as I am concerned, there is no need for a vote of no confidence because there is no justification to warrant one against the current government led by Peter O’Neill.

We are not eating bones anymore. I want to make it clear to the people of East Sepik that we will stand up for the transformation of our province. I will rise and fall with this O’Neill-led government.”

(Filepic: Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments, William Duma)

Cedric Patjole