Governor Potape assists Hela students in Madang

Hela Governor Francis Potape recently released a total of K126, 000 to assist students from his electorate studying at Madang Teachers College, Madang Technical College and Divine Word University.

Representative of the Governor’s office Tape Pulupe handed over a cheque payment to Hela students Association President Edwin Gayani on Tuesday.

Speaking to the students’, Pulupe said it was a great honor indeed on behalf of the Governor to assist Hela students studying in three institutions in Madang.

“The Governor’s office and the Hela electorate recognised the importance of your education as the future assets of Hela and PNG as a whole, because after you graduated from DWU you will contribute to the socio economic development of PNG,” says Pulupe.

Meanwhile, the patron of the Hela Students Association George Tom reiterated that education is not something to be taken lightly as it requires time, dedication, commitment, hard work and at times sacrifices.

He urged students to commit themselves to their education if they are to be successful in life.

 “Be committed to the goal or purpose you have set for yourself, no one in his rightful mind wish to become a failure in life, everybody wishes to succeed in life,” Tom said.

“Your successes in life are the direct consequences of your focused decisions and determined consistent actions.

“This is because when you are totally committed to something; your decisions are focused and unwavering. Your actions are much intentional and consistent to achieving the desired outcome.

“When that is your purposeful intentions, you will definitely excel or succeed.”

 “There is no other alternative road to success except commitment through hard work,” he said.

 “You cannot do it any other way or you cannot do away with working hard and working smart in order to be successful.

History has proven that many successful people in life did not complete high school, they committed to their goal and stayed focus and they were able to excel through their commitment, this made them successful,” he said.

Elliot Dawea