Governor Peter appoints JPP & BPC Committee

Central Province Governor, Rufina Peter, has appointed two Joint Provincial Planning & Budget Priorities Committee (JPP&BPC) members during the committees inaugural meeting in Port Moresby.

Appointed members of the committee were Provincial Administrator Francis Koaba and Provincial Finance Manager (PFM) Walis Imbal, who were sworn in by Provincial Legal Officer Moses Elkui. Witnesses included Members of Parliament from Rigo, Abau, Goilala, Kairuku and Hiri, who were sworn in, in December 2022. 

Governor Peter told the JPP&BPC members that the role that they will play is very important because in terms of fair representation and distribution of funds that will come in under Provincial Support Improvement (PSIP) is important.

“Having representation from every district is crucial and we must make an effective and fair decisions in distributing the projects funds in the province.

“I want to congratulate you all and welcome you on board to this committee, it’s a privilege. Actually because this is one of the bodies up here at the provincial level that many would want to sit, but you were chosen because of your qualities and characteristics as leaders. The experience you bring on board to make those decisions that will actually touch the people at the community level in terms of their real needs will be addressed in allocating resources. In that sense you play an important, critical role in the development of the province,” said Governor Peter.

The Governor said it was important to her that a female representative be appointed.

“So there is some representation that wears the lens of the womenfolk and the things that women do and say will be seen as priority in their communities. The decision, we make is looking at the whole community, both male lens and female lens with that we are complete as a community in the decision we do.

“It gives me great privilege to welcome you on board and I look forward to working together as a team in the functions and responsibilities that we take in this committee,” added Peter.

Provincial Administrator Francis Koaba emphasized that the Committee’s role is very important to focus particularly on the disbursement of constitutional grants and these are Provincial Support Improvement funds and as well as the provincial support grants.

He said Provincial Support Grants come in two components, one is discretional component, which is about K250, 000 per year and the other is non-discretional, and this one is tied so you would have to make decisions and pass resolutions and tie them to certain projects, so any disbursements of this funds should be accompanied by this relevant project documents.

“Your role as a JPP&BPC member is very important, first and foremost you act as the eyes and the ears of the Governor at your respective jurisdictions, as you are coordinators in the respective districts that you represent,” said Koaba.

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