Governor calls for probe into EHP funds

The Eastern Highlands Governor is calling on the Police Minister to give directives for the Fraud Squad to investigate funds that had allegedly been misappropriated.

Peter Numu made this call after the recent arrest of a businessman in Goroka who allegedly misappropriated funds intended for a coffee project.

“What concerns me now is the alarming amount of money not reaching my people of Kainantu since 2012.

“Who gets it is not my concern, but why people are not benefiting from what is rightfully theirs is a great concern to my Government of Eastern Highlands Province.”

It is alleged that K5.9 million was misappropriated by a businessman intended for a coffee project in Kainantu.

“My people in Kainantu have their constitutional right to lay a complaint before the police, but administratively I must say that why and how did such big amount of money can just vanish without proper procurement processes involved under the Public Finance Management Act.”

Governor Numu is calling for a proper check if there are similar situations involving laundering and misappropriation and arrest those involved.

“I want justice to prevail for my people of Eastern Highlands and the provincial administration.”

(File picture of Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu)

Freddy Mou