Governor aims for a ‘smarter Central Province’

A smarter Central Province is the theme behind Central Governor Robert Agarobe’s vision for his people.

The new governor, who has only been in the position for just over six months, says Central Province must look forward to major changes come 2018 onwards.

The Governor said Central has been lacking the drive for a proper push for economic boost – this needs to change.

“With economic power comes political power.

“There needs to be much more contribution towards economic drive.”

Agarobe said following the announcement of the budget, it is appropriate to say that Central Province will see the much-needed improvement.

Meanwhile, the governor acknowledged that media is a powerful tool that can be appropriated to push for development.

“Media makes and it breaks, but it is a platform that can bring greatness to a nation.”

He recognised the work put in by the media in Papua New Guinea, noting that despite working odd hours with less pay, media personnel still tirelessly ensure the country remains informed.

(Central Governor Robert Agarobe)

Imelda Wavik