Governor addresses provincial hospital criticism

Central Governor Robert Agarobe has addressed criticisms regarding the location of the provincial hospital.

Kwikila Hospital, having been upgraded to the Provincial Hospital for Central Province, has attracted disapproval from social media users.

In response, Governor Agarobe stated he is determined to move his province forward and to him, any kind of development is good. 

He said on social media people have queried why Kwikila and not Bereina or Abau?

“I want my people to understand that at least we are doing something,” stressed the Governor.

“We are talking here is not critical at this stage. Government is backing us to start building the province and put the province back on its feet again.”

Agarobe says K12 million was invested by the Korea International Cooperation Agency to build Kwikila hospital but so far, it has not been completed and used. That is why it is logical to build on the existing investment.  

Simultaneously, the provincial government will complete the upgrade of Agevairu Health Centre to serve the Western side. He hopes that K25 million will be obtained from the government and ADB to fund this project.

He said the new chairman of the Central Provincial Health Authority board, Mahesh Patel, and his team will have a lot on their plate now to take this program onwards.

With Kwikila now upgraded and equipped and a Provincial Health Authority Board in place, Agarobe now wants to concentrate on the establishment of the permanent provincial hospital at Bautama.

Frieda Kana