Government To Restructure Media Council

Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Timothy Masiu has urged Journalists to uphold ethnical Journalism in their profession.

He made this remarks during World Press Media Freedom Day celebrations hosted by the UPNG Journalism students yesterday. “The Government will now empower the PNG Media Council to make sure Journalists uphold the principles of fairness and responsible reporting.

We must uphold these principles at all times.”

The Minister said that as part of the restructure, Journalism graduates from the University of Papua New Guinea and Divine Word University may be regulated by the PNG Media Council.

“In our restructure, we may also regulate Journalists. That means when you come out of University you must register to be a journalist. This is important because there are all sort of people just fronting up at the newsroom and writing stories. Some of them are not trained,” he said.

Minister Masiu who has a media background said media is an evolving industry and has called on Media houses to keep ensuring that their journalists are skilled and up to date with the latest technology.

“Media outlets must ensure reporters are upskilled and up to date with new journalism skills and well versed with advance of digital technology,” he added.

Jemimah Sukbat