Government releases K123m education subsidy

The Government has released K123 million to registered Government schools and some mission-run schools in the first quarter.

Minister for Education, Jimmy Uguro confirmed this whilst in Kimbe, West New Britain recently.

He said the Government is committed in subsidizing school subsidies across the country with funds earmarked for the second quarter ready to be rolled out across the country.

More than K100 million has been approved by the NEC for the second quarter.

Minister Uguro also encouraged schools to continue to accept students and not to charge any fees.

However, project fees can be paid depending on the decision by the Provincial Education Board.

He added that the Government has subsidized 62% of the fees while the parents will only pay 38 percent.

“Education is not free but subsidized by the Government and the parents.”

Uguro further explained that from the 62 percent, 1 percent has been subsidized to the Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) meaning all FODE classes are free.

“The Government is giving second chance to students who cannot make it through to Grades nine and 11 but can do it through FODE,” he said.

Mr Uguro also announced that the Government has passed laws to set up libraries in all schools in the country.

“Switch off your mobile phones and start reading a book,” Uguro encouraged the students.

He added that mobile phones cannot be accessed in some rural areas but with books, one can be able to read and acquire skills anywhere.

Freddy Mou