Government to continue to implement reforms

The Government will continue to implement reforms to stop others from taking unfair advantage of the country’s resources, says Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill.

He said working with good investors will be a priority for the government in order to gain the most from our natural resources.

 “We must continue to diversify our economic base and must also keep investing in our people.

“Today, more and more Papua New Guineans are in senior professional and technical positions, and this will continue to expand.

“We will continue to improve education, and to train our people in technical colleges and universities. We will continue to strengthen healthcare in our country so that we have a healthy workforce.”

He added that the Government and the people must continue to invest in community development programs and in sports, so that we encourage healthy living and strengthen community values.

“Papua New Guineans must get behind all our sports men and women, who are continuing to strengthen the values of our country.”

Freddy Mou