Gov’t believes in equal employment opportunities: Minister

Police Minister Jelta Wong said the government believes in equal employment opportunities for women in the country.

Minister Wong said this during the official opening of the 10th Policewomen's Advisory Network conference in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, on Monday.

Minister Wong said at present, 16 women were appointed to various positions of authority and trust as CEOs and secretaries of government agencies, demonstrating the government's commitment towards empowering women in the society.

The Minister said policewomen can excel and prosper if they are given the opportunity to prove their worth in their prospects and career. He said a lot of policewomen were not making progress in their job because they considered their role as a job to earn their income.

The Minister encouraged policewomen across the country to change this mentality and treat their jobs as a career.

He told them to take pride and have passion in their profession as career police officers.

Minister Wong stated in line with the government's ambition, he wants more policewomen to be recognised and promoted to positions of authority within the Constabulary.

He vowed to support Police Commissioner Gari Baki and the RPNGC management in its endeavour to support policewomen as equal partners in the Constabulary's development and growth.

(File picture of Police Minister Jelta Wong)

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