Goroka terminal upgrade progressing

The construction of the new airport terminal in Goroka is progressing well.

Project officers from the National Airports Corporation shared details of construction of the new airport terminal recently with TVWAN news.

The project is among other airport projects overseen by the NAC and co-financed by the Asian Development Bank and the PNG Government.

The airport program costs K89 million and includes the airport terminal, an extension of the runway and new powerhouse.

Project engineers Kenas Derol and George Bayang of the NAC revealed the runway extension will bring the total length to at least 1900 metres, in order to accommodate larger aircrafts like the Fokker 100.

The runway is about 1,600 metres long.

Bayang said with the increased number of passengers into Goroka, the new and bigger terminal will accommodate this increase, as well as allow for more flights into the provincial town and on bigger aircrafts.

Both engineers said the completed new terminal is expected to feature shops, flight monitors, the usual departure lounge and importantly, security screening systems, with the increase in smuggling of narcotics between provincial borders.

Airlines and hire-car services will also be accommodated on the ground floor, with passenger check-ins on the second while the third floor will accommodate NAC offices and a VIP lounge.

The project got off the ground a year ago, with the aim of completion this July. However, project engineers estimate it may be ready for opening by the end of the year or early 2018, depending on the arrival of equipment from overseas, and the weather.

The Goroka airport terminal is being built in the shape of a bird of paradise.

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Salome Vincent