Goroka recount progresses, PPC calls for understanding

The Eastern Highlands Provincial Police Commander is calling on the supporters of candidates in the Goroka Open seat to continue to uphold understanding as the recount for the Goroka Open seat progresses into week three.

Superintendent David Siene Junior said the Court-ordered recount is currently taking place at the Goroka Council Chambers.

He said so far it has been peaceful.

While calling for supporters and candidates to continue to observe the peaceful process, Siene reminds them not to get involved in activities that will disrupt the recount as it could amount to contempt of Court.

“Whatever the results, it is for the Court to make the decision. I don’t expect anyone to make decisions that will have implications on the counting.”

The National Court ordered a recount for the Goroka Open seat after finding there were errors and omissions made by the Electoral Commission officials.

775 ballot papers from the Eastern Highlands Regional box that were misplaced were declared informal by the Court.

The recount commenced at elimination 1 and will conclude with elimination 28. 

Charmaine Poriambep