Gore: GBV issues need to be streamlined

Gender-based violence issues need to be streamlined across all sectoral policies and plans, including budgets, says Minister for Youth, Religion and Community Development Delilah Gore.

Gore, when announcing the endorsement of the National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence 2016-2025, said streamlining ensures uniform roll out of strategic interventions.

She said this can lead to the prevention of GBV and support quality services for survivors of violence.

The strategy adopts a rights-based approach and takes into account all forms of violence committed on the basis of gender.

It aims to strengthen the work on GBV in order to achieve zero-tolerance towards GBV as per PNG Vision 2050.

“Synergies across government agencies and the private sector will facilitate a more effective and timely delivery of the core components of the Strategy.   

“The Strategy sets in motion the long term commitment from the Government to effectively address GBV in PNG,” Gore stated.

She added that the Strategy’s time frame may be extended later on to reflect the target of zero tolerance.

Quintina Naime