Gordon Police take on housing matters

Police accommodation has been a pressing issue for policemen and women in NCD.

This issue has been raised countless times with the latest being early this year and even late last year regarding the housing issue for policemen and women that are residing at the Gordon police barracks single quarters.

The barricade put up this morning at Gordon police barracks came about as an aftermath frustration of a fire that had almost taken place last Friday in the single quarters.

According to the tenants whose room almost caught fire, the parents had their child sleeping in the room and were attending to some business when somehow, sparks formed at a power connection beside the window which later burst into flames.

“It would have been disastrous if not for the quick action of the tenants in the adjoining rooms; the front row block could have gone up in flames by now already.”

Together, the rest of the tenants had a meeting and this resulted in the barracks open gates being barricaded with old scrap metal and rusty vehicle frames this morning.

Loop PNG took a tour around the single quarter blocks at Gordon barracks today noting that families with four to five children were living in the tiny rooms.

The tenants admitted that even they themselves have been doing illegal connections of power from one single quarter block to the other as the other single quarter block did not have any power connection.

“We have to use extension cords to get power connection from one room from the other block to the other room in the block just so we can light up the whole block,” they said.

“The place we are living and raising out children is unhealthy but we have no choice as we were promised that we would move up to the new barracks at Bomana soon and this has not happened yet.”

Most of tenants are police officers who have been living in the single quarters for more than 10 years and have grown up kids who are also living with them.

 NCD/ Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut addressed the frustrated families this morning announcing that the families will forcefully be moving into the houses at Bomana, adding that although this decision might risk him his job, he has no choice but to address this issue head on.


Annette Kora