Gordon’s police impress in parade

An impressive police parade was staged today by the Gordon’s police station personnel.

A happy NCD metropolitan superintendent said the officers were better dressed, which means they are adhering to directives and are conscious of their appearance.

As per their performance indicators, every police station commander within the nation’s capital is expected to stage a parade once a month.

The Gordon’s Police Station parade this morning demanded passersby’s attention as well-dressed officers with their Lee Enfield rifles smartly marched around the Gordon’s market area towards the front of the station.

When addressing the officers, NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said a slightly different policing method will be used this year.

“I will be looking at more community engagement,” he stated. “The result of 2019 – less crime because of community involving with police to address social disorder.”

The second approach for 2020 will be the use of the ‘stop, question and search’ strategy, which was utilised during the late 2019 police roadblocks. N’Dranou said suspicious looking characters will be stopped, questioned and searched.

The third approach to policing is foot patrol, where police visibility is ensured.

“I want to see all police station commanders, including Gordon’s, that there’s a daily deployment of foot patrol to specific locations. Foot patrol will become our major focus.”

The chief superintendent rationalised that with the fuel shortage faced by the city’s police, including a shortage of vehicles, implementing beat policing is the way to go to ensure police carry out their duties.

“My 2020 approach is simple: Be smarter. So instead of waiting for vehicles and fuel, you will be deployed to all locations or crime hotspots.”

Carmella Gware