Goodman Fielder opens rice plant

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting business houses and the economy down turn, Goodman Fielder has done particularly well this year.


The company recently opened the first rice processing plant in Port Moresby which was officiated by the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, John Simon.

The opening was witnessed by the members of the PNG Commodity Board as well as the PNG Manufacturers council, other wholesalers, staff and management of Goodman Fielders.

General Manager for Goodman Fielder, Manish Randev proudly announced that after 40 years of operation, the company has reached another milestone of packing rice in country.

“Flame has been there in instrumental in not only the growth of the country but also growth of each one of us. Because I can vouch that now today with the brand and the product portpolio that GF offers, through the people here in PNG, I would be not be surprised if there be any single meal that will not have some contribution from the product that is being processed by Goodman Fielder.” Said Randev.  

He added that Goodman Fielder being a subsidiary of Wilmer International Company, has connections across the globe assuring a steady supply of stock when needed, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Wilmer is a big group, we are present in 40 plus countries, we have a staff or team strength of 100,000 employees across the globe and the beauty with that is that we come up with a lot of strong policies, good protocols and the basic thing is that we have very, very strong technical support available on a email, on call which is not an easy thing to achieve.” Randev said.

Minister for Agriculture & Livestock, John Simon thanked Wilmer International and Goodman Fielders for a steady progress of business supplying rice to the community during the COVID-19 when most companies were not doing so well.

“I would like to express thankyou if you can pass my big word of appreciation to Wilmer for investing in our country at this hard time. When all the economies were struggling and we were thinking, you know and I have this investment, you got another big investment in Lae which we would open very soon probably next year. And thank you as well for the honour to come and open this mill, because this probably will be the second project I will open since I became Minister.” Minister Simon said.

Simon was open with the Goodman Fielder and Wilmer that the ideal for this government is to see more of growing rice in country and less importing.



Frieda Kana