Goilala Community Addressed

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, is appealing to the Two-Mile Goilala community leaders to take leadership in addressing law and order in the area.

He was addressing the community at the Two-Mile Hill Park this afternoon regarding the rise in law and order in the area.

Governor Parkop told the community that the call by Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, earlier in the week for eviction was not meant for all of them but for the 'trouble makers'.

Parkop said it was about taking ownership and leadership in addressing crime.

"Every time it’s the same story about Goilalas at Two-Mile, community leaders must find the trouble makers and send them out. There is no place for such people," he said.

When referring to an earlier call by Minister Tkatchenko on eviction, Governor Parkop said it was about time the Goilala people put their hands up to make changes and the leaders take full responsibility.

"We are all here to find a solution and how best we can address these issues...it’s not about blaming or pinpointing a certain ethnic group but for us to work out a solution.

"This is not about discriminating the Goilala people but appealing for peace and harmony.

"Evicting everybody is not a right decision; we only want trouble makers out of our society.”

Two-Mile Hill Goilala community leader, Joe Kusi, said it was just fair that Goilala people must be given a chance to be heard too.

"I feel hurt, I want to tell you that when we heard about the eviction it was not right...Not all of us are causing trouble; we are also trying our best to surrender criminals and trouble makers from where we live.

“We also want better people to live in Moresby South with us and in peace. Any little mistake we do we are targeted," he stated.

Susan Oreape