Gerehu General Hospital launched with new board

​The launching of Gerehu General Hospital and the swearing in ceremony of the first hospital board took place this morning in Port Moresby.

Present to officiate the launching and swearing of the board was Secretary for the Department of Health, Pascoe Kase and Minister for Health, Michael Malabag.

The hospital has been without a board for a while and after today’s declaration, the hospital is now a stand-alone institution.

The hospital will stand away from NCD Health Services meaning that it will have a board of governors, a management team under the CEO.

Kase says NCD Health Services will be a different entity.

Kase urges public servants and the leadership of NCD as well as the hospital board not to confuse business.

“They are two distinctively different institute of state altogether,” Kase says.

He said the hospital is seen today with its boundaries now declared as the Gerehu Pubic Hospital with its own board and management.

He adds that for clarity for the public servants, the board after being sworn in today will take charge and have a meeting scheduled to appoint an acting CEO for the hospital as well as a care taker management team.

“This institution is very important that we will not allow it to be unmanned for more than 24 hours and that is one of the priority agenda that the board must take in to address,” Kase said.

Kase thanked the board for accepting to take on the responsibility to help the Government to manage this institution adding that while this is a technical institution, it also requires skills of good management and governance.

“The board is appointed by the Government to come in and make sure that we as public servant are doing things according to the proper process and protocols and that we do not step out of line,” Kase adds.

The Nine members that were sworn in today were; Dr Goa Tau (Department of Health representative member), Sanjay Gosali (local business sector representative - Deputy Chairman of the Board), Peter Del Monte (local business sector representative - Chairman of the Board), Paulus Leveili (local business sector representative- member), Reverend Vaburi Dadaba (Local religious denominations representative- member), Stanley Lapan (hospital staff representative- member), Kem Hesingut (women’s representative - member), Kupulu Garner Mera (local community representative- member), and Mato Posu (local community representative- member).


Annette Kora