GBV strategy a step in achieving UN goal

Papua New Guinea has taken a step in achieving the United Nations goals following the launch of the National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence 2016-2025.

This Strategy works towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

UN Resident Coordinator and UN Development Program Resident Representative in PNG, Roy Trivedy was pleased to see the Strategy endorsed by the National Executive Council on Wednesday, Dec 15.

The Strategy adopts a rights-based approach and takes into account all forms of violence committed on the basis of gender.

The Strategy aims to ensure long-term ongoing high level commitment and accountability to end GBV aligned with the PNG Development Plan, PNG Vision 2050 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Trivedy said he is ready for the challenge in implementing the strategy in partnership with the Government and all other partners.

He said it can’t be done by the government alone as each government agency and partner has a responsibility.

“Let’s make this a reality for the people in PNG and that is the difference we can make.

“For the first time there’s a very clear referral pathway and the government agencies and partners can be able to coordinate properly in addressing GBV.”

Trivedy was pleased to see that a National GBV Advisory Committee will be set up and provincial GBV action committees to address the issue right down at the districts.

“Having this very clear pathway helps us to collect the data to see how big the problem is and if we are reducing it or is it continuing to grow.

“GBV survivors have a clear referral pathway through the family sexual violence units so we know what kind of support they can expect.”

Trivedy added that this is the start to achieve GBV zero-tolerance by 2050.

Quintina Naime