GBV Strategy clarifies role for development partners

The recently launched National Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Strategy for Papua New Guinea clarifies the role for development partners.

Australian High Commission Counsellor, Susan Ferguson says the strategy will clarify their role and what Australia can do to continue to provide support to the government to eradicate GBV.

Ferguson said the strategy also identifies the many different ways that they can work together in partnership across the different sectors to provide support services for survivors of violence.

Ferguson acknowledged the incredible work happening in PNG to address GBV.

She said Australia was very pleased to provide funds to the UN Development Programme to provide support to the department responsible in developing the strategy.

She highlighted that the health and police departments in PNG are trying to make their own services more effective in providing protection and support for women.

Police now runs 18 Family and Sexual Violence units across the country and there’s 13 family support centres at the hospitals.   

“Australia has been behind that work as well through our support in the law and justice program and health program.

“We are happy to see that the business communities are also providing support.

“We’ve often thought of this program as the backbone for work that we do with PNG on ending violence against women.

“Today a lot of work has been carried by the civil societies sector and they will continue to do so because they’re passionate and are also very skilled in this work.

“We look forward to see how this rolls out and we’re happy to continue to talk with you about how we can provide that support,” Ferguson said.

The National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to GBV 2016-2025 was officially launched by Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Delilah Gore on Friday, March 24 in Port Moresby.

The strategy aims to strengthen the work on GBV in order to achieve zero-tolerance towards GBV by 2025 and as per PNG Vision 2050.

Quintina Naime