GBV Committee Makes Call To Action

There has been a call to action, since the inquiry facilitated by the Special Parliamentary Committee on Gender Based Violence (GBV), took place in May this year.

The committee has come together once more in preparation for the August parliament sitting. A report will be produced to include concrete, practical recommendations for action, aimed at reducing levels of GBV across the country and improving responses for GBV Survivors.

Reflecting on the last inquiry, Committee chairman and Member for Alotau Charles Abel said, “The response from the public has been very supportive. Our hearings were the first time the public was able to hear directly from their government leaders about what is being done – but also what is not being done – to help GBV survivors.”

The committee admitted that it is disappointing that the response rate for GBV is quite weak and that it is necessary to empower organizations like the police, health services and courts with funding to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

In a committee meeting held on the 6th of July, 2021 NCD Governor Powes Pakop stated that they plan to finalize the report before the coming session and that before the current Parliament ends, the report will exercise the implementation of covering  outstanding issues, reviewing the GBV strategy and having a more holistic approach addressing all aspects of GBV.

Abel stated that after the report has been tabled, a second hearing is being planned to take place before the November budget session, to explore issues related to Sorcery-Accusation Related Violence (SARV), as it has rapidly become a huge concern and is being adopted as a norm in society.

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