GBV agenda hits parliament

The issue of abuse of females around the country was brought up today in Parliament.

The East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, made references to the recent pack rape of six female students, the attempted kidnapping of a female media person and the torture case of a six year old girl.

Governor Bird spoke about outstanding cases of abuse and violence perpetrated towards women in the country.

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill in response said that this is an important agenda given that the large majority of our population are equally concerned.

He said that acts of violence against our women and children is unwarranted and unacceptable in today’s day and age.

O’Neill reiterated that there are already laws and acts of parliament in place such as the Lukim Pikinini act that was passed in the last term of parliament.

The PM said that these laws are designed to give protection to women, children and the most vulnerable in our society, he says however that it is the implementation of these laws which is a concern.

 “I will ensure that the Police Minister goes to the police commissioner to put together a special task force to address this immediately.

“If the local police are not taking charge of the issues on ground, the headquarters must take charge of it.

In terms of the long terms solution the PM highlighted the recent budget allocated funding to carry out awareness across the country.

“Close to K40 million has been allocated to this”

The PM said however, that it requires support from all levels in the country appealing to all Governors and Open members to use their DSIP’s to create awareness on the ward level.

O’Neill also challenged the MP’s to utilize the ward councilors that they are now being funded for  to help them maintain  some level of peace and good order and enforce some of the laws that we already enacted in this parliament.

Julianna Waeda