Gaubin in dire need

During the launching of the Vaccine Fridge donation to Gaubin Rural Hospital by Digicel Foundation,

Dr. Gideon Gelesi standing in as a Technical Health Advisor highlighted pressing issues regarding the facilities need to stakeholders, the Government and Lutheran Church.

Dr. Gelesi pointed out to the officials at the gathering that Gaubin hospital was in dire of infrastructural development, as the current structures are worn out beyond time and gradually falling apart.

Another issue affecting the rural hospital is the need for new and young staff who are able to keep up and move efficiently in doing their duties, serving the 120, 000 plus people on the island.

He further added the struggles faced, “There is an immense need for power within the hospital grounds. We always operate mothers using the torch on our phones. Power is only generated for an hour or so. These are the challenges we face here.”

Telecommunication is also a problem at Gaubin as they are unable to receive Digicel’s network coverage. In most instances, they take their phones or laptops to certain areas outside the hospital premise to communicate, which most of the time is dangerous, not only for them but the Nursing Students as well.

As such Dr. Gelesi called on the Church officials, the Hospital and board of management, stakeholders and partners such as Digicel Foundation to come together and partner for developments for Gaubin.

Sharing the same sentiments was Madang Provincial Health Authority Rural Outreach coordinator, Dr. Martin Kalala, who was behind the partnership and donation of the Vaccine Fridge.

He called on Digicel Foundation and Digicel to build a tower within the hospital grounds which would serve not only the Hospital but the School and the nearby communities as well.

“In order for us to be more prepared and more sound in the future, we need to focus on all these important pillars of development, and that’s, communication, Human Resources, Electricity, where we will support our communities to prosper and develop,” Dr. Gelesi concluded.