Gang unknowingly attempts robbery on police

Two suspects have been apprehended after their gang unknowingly attempted to hold up a police patrol unit.

On Sunday, at about 3am, a Special Response Unit (SRU) 103 team was on routine patrol along Kamkumung road, in Lae, when they came across about five suspects.

The five suspects came out of Waterloo area and attempted an armed robbery on the patrol unit by blocking the road. 

“They ran away in all directions when they realised it was the Police,” said the Lae metropolitan command.

“One of the suspects ran down towards the Kamkumung roundabout where he was apprehended by members who chased him down on foot. He was put in the vehicle where the Police unit then went up towards Gravel Pit and turned around to return to check the area again. 

“Just before they arrived back there was a vehicle that went ahead of them where the same gang tried to hold them up also. 

“Two SRU 103 members went on foot after one of the suspects – who was armed – where he was shot and apprehended with his homemade gun and packs of marijuana.

“The wounded suspect was brought to Angau Memorial Hospital where he has been admitted and will be formally arrested and charged after he is discharged by medical staff. The other suspect has been detained and will be arrested and charged for the offence.

“SRU 103 patrol area is from Kamkumung, Omili, Speedway, West and East Taraka and all the way up to Tent City front road. There are always two SRU 103 patrols on both day and night shifts.”

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