Gamato video misleading: Police

Police in Lae have confirmed that the video that had gone viral on social media, showing Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato in a commotion, is not what it seems.

Acting Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Fred Kaiwa, confirmed this with TVWAN News today. This also goes in line with earlier reports of eyewitness accounts from the Lae Yacht Club.

Earlier this week, the Club clarified that the video was misleading; the Electoral Commissioner was attempting to calm down the situation.

Kaiwa confirmed that after gathering reports during the weekend, they established that the fight had been started by the tall man in the video and not instigated by the commissioner.

This incident had occurred on Friday, October 6.

Kaiwa said the club will also not lay any charges or complaints against anyone in the video. 

Despite the video showing what may seem like a very drunk Electoral Commissioner arguing with a staff of the yacht club, the staff there still maintain that Gamato was only trying to stop the commotion.

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Imelda Wavik